Goldset standard incentives program

Goldset standard: How does it work ?

Goldset standard 

The Goldset standard table is an order of the Goldset marketing incentives programs designed for the purchase of physical investment-grade gold bars in the Online Gold Shop.

It helps customers create their own gold reserves and earn by selling and purchasing gold.

Customers recommend the Online Gold Shop and expand the company’s customer portfolio in exchange for rewards for the purchase of gold bars.

Clients can pay up to 95% of the value of the order at the expense of the reward and earn money by selling the purchased gold bars back to the Online Gold Shop.

Tables of orders are accounting systems for the orders of clients. They have been specially developed to calculate and credit reward to clients for the purchase of gold bars.

The Goldset standard table of orders accelerates income generation, and allows customers to receive the reward in parts.

With the new accounting system you no longer need to wait for the full completion of the table of orders to get first revenue.

What steps to follow to start earning? 

  1. Place an order of the value of € 7.000 for a GoldSet Standard set of gold bars.
  2. Make a prepayment of € 540 for the GoldSet Standard order according to the issued invoice. = € 500 worth of gold according to the daily gold price on the London Gold Fixing (GNF.) + € 40 for your Global Intergold marketing website and back office.
  3. Recommend the business and the product to new clients. You need a minimum of 2 clients to qualify yourself to receive the reward. If you sponsor more than two clients you will receive your gold faster.
  4. Get the reward and offset the remaining sum for the set of gold bars.
  5. Sell gold back to the Online Gold Shop and receive income

Main table of orders “Goldset Standard”

The philosophy of the incentives program is based on this overview of the order.

Each table is a group order of gold. As you can see there are 15 orders on each table.

How does the table work ? (Table 1)

All the new clients start on level 1.
Levels 2, 3 & 4 are always filled with existing clients.

Each time level 1 is filled with new clients, the rest of the table shifts.

Level 2 goes to level 3, level 3 goes to level 4, and level 4 goes on to the second table to start the second cycle of his/hers € 7.000 gold order.

Level 4 gets his/hers first reward of 3.225 worth paid in 24kt gold, 7% is shared in the Global Intergold Leadership Program.

Now the table splits into two.

The Table splits into two symmetrical table orders.

When you complete the first table you follow your sponsor to the second cycle of your gold order.

Table 2. The second cycle of the gold order. 

You follow your sponsor to table two, you don’t need to pay anything here.

You don’t need to enroll new clients.

Levels 2, 3 & 4 are always filled with existing clients.

If you do sponsor new clients you will receive your gold faster.

The 7.000 € worth of gold cycle. 

How do I receive my rewards?

Global Intergold always pays it’s clients in gold.

  • The amount of money for is set on 3.255 €
  • The grams of gold depend on the daily price of gold at the London Gold Fixing (GNF.)
  • Your gold can be physically delivered by courier.
  • Your gold can be stored in one of the global intergold protected vaults
  • Sell your gold back instantly to the company in your back office and transfer the money to your bank /OK debit card.
  • You can also use the money for coupons for new clients

Get maximum rewards.

Place your customers on level:

  • Level 1 or 2, 1750 credit bonus for 1  (1750 x 2 = € 3,500)
  • Level 3, 1250 credit bonus for 1 (1250 x 2 = € 2,500)
  • Level 4, 750 credit bonus for 1 (750 x 2 = € 1,500)


  • If you place 1 client when you are on level 1 and 1 client when you are on level 3 you will receive 1.750 + 1.250 = € 3.000 – 7%
  • If you place 1 client when you are on level 1 and 1 client when you are on level 2 you will receive the maximum reward of 1.750 + 1.750 = € 3.500 – 7%

The reward that you get on table 1, you continue to receive on table 2. Make sure that you sponsor both of  your clients while you are on level 1 and 2 to receive the maximum reward worth € 3.500 on both of the tables.

All amounts have a value in gold and there’s always – 7% that goes in the Global Intergold leadership program.

Is there any risk?

Global Intergold Leadership Program

The Leadership Program is for people who wish to build a solid business.

How to take part ?

  • When you get your reward from your 1st table (€ 3.255 worth of gold)
  • Your 2 personal clients leave their 1st table with the full reward (€ 3.255 worth of gold)
  • 2 clients from your 2 clients leave their table with the reward (does not have to be the full reward)
  • From this point, every time someone in your structure has a table full, you will receive one leadership bonus point in gold from the company.

Global intergold also motivates its leaders by rewarding them with exclusive gadgets, gifts and luxurious vacations.

In my Global Intergold Review I made a clear explanation on how you can  acquire those awards.

How to be successful with the Goldset Standard Incentives Program?

As you can see in the example above, Global intergold is A network marketing business opportunity.

The best results are achieved with team effort. Working together and having a good communication with your team will contribute in a massive way to your success in the company.

I also suggest you to be 100% transparent and up straight to new prospect that you wish to sponsor.

Global Intergold is not a get rich overnight kind of scheme


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