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Aloise Biebuyckstraat, Belgium
Aloise Biebuyckstraat, Belgium

How To Bank HARD With Facebook Pages Without spending a penny?

I’ve been using social networks to market products for a while now and one of my favorite sites to use is good old Facebook. It’s a well known fact that Facebook is one of the most visited sites on the internet… it’s also riddled with credit card holding potential buyers that are just “browsing around” for something interesting – which could well be one of your affiliate offers!

In today’s lesson I will break down the strategy into 5 easy to follow steps, that will teach you how to make money with Facebook by building up pages and promoting relevant affiliate offers.. and it doesn’t involve spending a dime on advertising.

Step 1: Choose A Target Market.

bank hard using facebook pagesThe first thing that you’ll need to do is that you will have to choose a target market. You can choose your target market to be just about anything that you personally like, for example if you’re into music, your target market would be: “Musicians.” Or lets say for a moment that you’re a gamer and you would like to promote game related items, then your target market would be: “Gamer’s.” Really, A target market can be about anything that’s under the sun.

Step 2: Create Some Facebook Pages Geared Towards Your Target Market.

bank hard using facebook pagesFor second step towards this strategy you’re going to have to make a bunch of “target market” related Facebook pages.                                                     (Guide on creating target market Facebook pages below.)

To do this you can simply login to your Facebook account, and head over to the Facebook/page section, or by clicking here. 

Now, what you’re looking to do is to create about 10 “more or less” Facebook pages that connect and are attractive to your target market. For example, if you’re choosing to target Musicians, you would’nt just create a “boring” Facebook page named “Musicians.” Instead you’re looking to make the title a little more appealing, rather name your Facebook page something like this, “Where words fail, music speaks.” or you could choose to make them a little more humorous, “Some of my best friends are playlists.” These are just a couple examples that I came up with.

To find 10 or so good Facebook page names I recommend that you sit down and brainstorm for a while, then pick the 10 best names that you came up with and ride along with them.

Once you’re pages are set up, add some images to them that are relevant to your target market + a short description to each picture. (Google/images or are good sources to look for related images.) 

Step 3: Getting Fans.

bank hard using facebook pagesDrawing fans to you’re Facebook pages can be a real struggle without the proper know-how, in many cases people make a really awesome Facebook pages but they can’t seem to find anybody that wants to connect with them.

It can be tricky, but with my tricks and tips I’ll show you how to do it.

One of the best and easiest ways to do it is to simply leach fans of other related Facebook pages that are already attracting attention.

Just do a quick search for some terms that are related to your demographics and look for pages with lots of fans that have regular interaction going on. A simple way to do this is to check the date when the last comments are made. (Ideally you’re looking for pages with lots of recent comments.) 

I’m sure by now that you’ve done your research and that you’ve found some qualified/related pages. Now what you want to do next is to make some comments on the pages with you’re link and a small description about about your page with something luring that will get people wanting to like your post.

The beauty of this is that once people find your post and liked it, their friends will see that they’ve liked it, upon their friend will see that they’ve like it, and so on and on .. by doing this you can really attract lots of people that are interested in your targeted market from already viral pages.

You can also do the same with Facebook groups. Although groups work a little different from pages in that you can’t have you’re page to join the group, but by using your personal account to search for target market related groups. You can now join them and do the same thing ad described above. “Drop you link, add a small description” and you’re set. 😉  (Note. It will take approval from the admin of the group to be accepted in the group.)

Another way to draw Facebook fans to your pages, “if you already have a established website,” which you might, if you’ve followed some of my other guide’s, is to drive visitors from your website, to your Facebook page.

Simply create a Facebook like button and implement it on your website.

Step 4: Growing Your Pages.

bank hard using facebook pagesI’ll trust you on doing your home “work”, so by now i’m sure that you have a few hundred people on each of your pages, you need to start posting regular updates to keep your followers entertained and “happy.” Posting regular images, clips, video’s, questions  and anything that will spark likes and interaction is what you are looking to for. The more interaction your pages get, the more it will pop-up on their pages allowing their friends to find out about you, which upon their friends will find out about you. “It’s a really great way that will constantly bring more and more fans to you pages.”

By following my steps you will build your pages and have a few thousand followers in no time. Now you can start to cross-promote, cross-promoting your pages can be verry effective if done the right way. Because your pages are all related to the same niche, there is no harm in casually mentioning another page. They key is to make it look natural, weave your link into “funny” video’s and other great content that you’re sharing.. On the contrary,”Caution is required!” If done the wrong way you can ruin your pages authority by letting people associate your pages with spam, so they will unlike them and ignore everything you’re doing.

(Be careful and take your time to create quality content and i’m sure that will be alright.) 🙂

Step 5: Monetize Your Pages

bank hard using facebook pages

How to promote? 

Once you have build a few pages that are off the ground and are automatically attracting likes on their own, you can start promoting some affiliate offers.

Let’s say that you followed my example, “Which I do not recommend, building pages about your own personal interests will spark your inspiration and idea’s will come naturally.” and that your target market are “Musicians,” then all that there is left left for you to do is to promote on your highly popular/viral pages, music related affiliate offers.. this can range from musical posters or pictures, guitars or synthesizers, or everything related to music.. Basically all you need to do is to promote awesome products that people on your pages will love.. I’f you’re promoting awesome products on your target marketed pages, people will buy them!!! They will actually thank you for doing so and share them with their friends. 🙂

“The main key here is to blend your ads in with good, related content.”

The only way this is going to fall on its face is if every status you make is with a adverisment. You’ve got to make sure that it blends in and its relevant to your niche and that it doesn’t make people classify your page as a spam page.

If you are doing it the right way, people will actually love you for it!!! They will buy what you’re offering, they will come back, and they will keep buying the products that you’re recommending, they will even share it with their friends and family.

Another way you can use your pages is to promote you own website. You can use them to send your own pages viral. Implement like buttons on your site and deliberately create content that people want to share, get it out there & trust me people will share it. 🙂

The reasons why you want multiple pages is because you want more likes, its really not that hard to get a page up and running that is getting 20 likes a day. If you have that ten times over, then you get a hundred likes per day. If you have even more.. you see how these numbers add up easily, so there will be literally a ton off people you’re able to market your stuff towards.

This type of marketing is extremely targeted because you know exactly what demographics these people have and what to sell to them.

Hopefully you know understand why everybody is so obsessed with Facebook pages.

P.S. If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is and want to learn more about what it is then click here, Or to give you a simple and short explanation on affiliate offers; Affiliate offers give you the opportunity to promote their products and/or services, that will pay you a commission on every sale you generate.  

Don’t forget to share this page and, if you want to learn more on how to make money online then simply read some more of my guide’s provided in the training section here on 

I hope this lesson was of any value to you.

Stay tuned. Many more to come. 😉

Cheers !! Olivier.


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