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Aloise Biebuyckstraat, Belgium
Aloise Biebuyckstraat, Belgium

Why FPTraffic Kicks Ass

If you’ve been following my stuff for a while you’ll probably know that I’ve been using social profiles lately to do MUCH of my SEO.

With my social profiles I’m able to get all of my followers to do most of the link building for me which allows me to rank my sites in big Google faster and with less effort than ever before. Basically if you use ’em right… they are deadly SEO weapons.

Since Facebook is the biggest social network of them all, I put a lot of effort into building up big ass Facebook pages that I can then use to promote my sites, videos, offers and well… whatever the hell I want.

today I thought I’d show you, and do a review of a really cool tool that I use called FPTraffic to grow my Facebook pages like crazy (and on total autopilot).

It’s such a simple but clever idea that I really think you’re going to dig it…

FPTraffic review: What is FPTraffic?

let’s jump right into it!

Now.. you’ve might have noticed that I have been going on for a while about the importance of building up big social accounts, big social followings are not just great for tons of free traffic to your site, but they are also amazing for SEO. Now if you know anything about SEO then you know that most of it relies mostly on using social-media accounts to get your sites to rank and bank. I’m not going to get to in dept here because I already have lots tutorials on SEO in my training section here in MLM-EMPIRE that explain exactly how I use social accounts to get my sites ranking. At the end of this training i’ll provide a link where you can learn more about this strategy.

Basically they are just a phenomenal way to get your sites to rank.

In terms of socials site’s its no secret that Facebook currently is the biggest one out there, But its also a really time consuming process to grow a big fan page. That’s where FPTraffic comes in. As you probably already know, I don’t just write a review about any old tool or product unless its something really special.

Luke Kling the founder of FPTraffic, also a affiliate manager at Peerfly, which is a awesome affiliate network by the way. Is doing some great and innovative stuff with Facebook. Luke found a very effective way to grow some massive, massive pages and monetizing them in ways that most people have no idea about.

let me give you a example of one of his pages:

This page above, called (Phill dumphy quotes), for those who don’t know who Phill dumphy is, he is the caracter from a television show called “Modern Family.” This page has a massive 379.000 followers.

What he does, is he just shares out new “funny” quotes from this caracter that his followers love and go crazy about. The key is to share content that sparks the followers to comment, like and share the shit out of it. this page is just viral as hell. He really mastered the art of growing these viral pages, each time he post a new image, it gets shared an liked so new people find out about the page so the page is constantly growing,

This is by no means a new and revolutionary way to grow your Facebook pages. By sharing out viral cool niche related images. Its something that a lot of fan pages already do, because it works. It absolutely works. You see.. most fan pages, even big brands are constantly sharing out niche related images, that get their fans engage and interact with it so they can keep attracting new fans.

However, anyone that’s already doing this probably knows that its a pain in the ass as its a huge time consuming process, it really takes forever to find all these images, login to your accounts and then posting them out to your Facebook pages. Its easy to lose your drive and give up, even though its really beneficial to do so. furthermore, even if you try to automate this with auto tools like “Hootsweat” or other social media automation tools that allow you to upload a whole bunch of images and then schedule them to go out to on regular intervals it still takes forever.

You have to go out to google and find hundreds of related images, save them to your computer, then you need to upload them to the tool you’re using and schedule them all out. It takes hours to upload lets say, 100 or 200 images. But, what Luke has managed to do with his tool is something that I have never seen before. It allows you to schedule out hundreds of niche related viral images to go out from your page in just a couple minutes.

So, in just a few minutes you can literally schedule a months worth or two months worth of images to go out from your page so you don’t have to worry about it for a whole month. Its pretty genius the way that it works and how easy to use it really is, so without further ado, allow me to show you how the tool work’s

FPTraffic: How it Works? 

Heading over to will allow you to create your account.

Once logged in, go to the menu and head over to the photo section, here you will select the page that you want to grow. Now, I’m not going to reveal my personal pages because I would like to keep them being copied but I will give you some example so you know how to use the program. 😉

So, first you need to choose the page you want to manage (in my example the “volleyball memes page.”) Second you will need to give in your keyword related to your niche. so, in my case i’ll type in “volleyball memes,” then click get images,

Here is here is where it gets really cool!

After entering your keyword, FPTraffic will then find tons of awesome related images to that keyword.

The images are sourced from Tumblr and all that’s left for you to do to is to just simply schedule these images to go out from your page by selecting the ones you want, you will soon see how quickly it really is to select and schedule them.

You can literally schedule hundreds of images in a few minutes by doing this, you can select as many images as you want and then when you’re done you just head over to the schedule section. From there you can select how many times you want to post a image per day, and select what times you want those images to go out from your page boom!!! you’re done.

Now you’re page is completely automated, the images will go out and people will interact with them and your page will grow, it’s just that easy!!! With FPTraffic, you can just spend ten minutes to schedule out a couple months of post’s, set it and forget it.

Now you have time to do something else. 🙂

FPTraffic Strategy: Getting Seen by Your Followers

The thing you want to realize in making viral posts that go out from your fan page regularly isn’t just about growing your fan page, because by doing this it will also help your future content to be seen more.

What I mean by that is when people interact with your page on a regular basis, Facebook will give more prominence to your future post, so when you actually go to share a promotion, or a page on your site, it will be seen by more people in their news feed because you had more interaction on your past post. This is just the way that Facebook works, and it makes sense you know..  so when they see the pages that get the most interaction they automatically think hey, people like this page. We should show it to more people.

Just think about how most people probably have a dozen, even a hundred of pages yet they don’t see the updates in they’re news feed from all of those hundreds of different pages, do they. They usually just see the pages that they recently interacted with. So that’s why you want to make sure that your fans always interacted with your recent posts of your fan pages.

Then when you add  a new page to your site and share it out, its going to be seen by waaay more people! 🙂

FPTraffic review: How to monetize your fan page ? 

The thing I also love about FPTraffic is that they don’t only help you to grow and automate your pages, they also show you how you can make money from them.

The creator Luke is really great at monetizing his pages and he came up with some really awesome ways to make money from you’re followers.

Now the cool thing about FPTraffic is that they have a guide section with training that will teach you how to do this.

I don’t want to give away too much information already but there’s absolutely some serious valuable stuff in there. For example, there are case studies there that will show you exactly how he made money, how much money he made, what page he posted it our from, basically everything.

There is this one case study where Luke shows you how he made 480 bucks slinging T-shirts from one of his pages, things that I would have never thought to do so. Its so genius and clever that you can do it with pretty much any niche, again as i was saying before he shows you step by step, what page he sends it out from, what affiliate program he worked with, exactly how he did it so you can reverse engineer it and do it yourself, you simply just can copy what he did and if you already have a page, do the same thing.

has even another case study where he shows you exactly how he set up a page from 0- 50 k likes in no time and again, he shows you everything exactly how it’s done.

The Botom Line:

FPTraffic is a really cool tool that has case studies and guides where theach you everything, so you can do way more work, then that you would on your own.

That’s what I really love about the tool.. I love it when people actually show their stuff, their own pages, their own site’s without beating around the bush, because personally I feel like that’s the best way to learn.

I still remember when I first started out, the things that most helped me out the most where case studies where I actually saw the website’s where you could actually see the income, see the traffic statistics, so you knew it was real and it was totally clear on how to do it and that’s why I really recommend the tool Luke has put together because he totally does it like that.

He doesn’t hide half of the information, he just shows you really clearly how everything works.

The only thing that I would like to see added on FPTraffic in the future, is a option where you can choose the source the images come from, because like I said, it get’s its images from Tumblr but I would love it if it could also get its images from Pintrest or Google images. I’d love if you could just pic where it takes it images from just because some sites are better for certain images then others. Luke knows this and he’s working on implementing more sources on the site in the future. “Which is great”

Massive value:

Aside from that that’s my only downside, so if you’re really interested in Facebook marketing or already have page and you want to learn how to grow it more and how you can make some serious money from it, then there’s no better platform out there then FPTraffic. This is just really clever and genius. Its a totally different and original way of page building and that’s why is why I made this post, because I’m sure that it will help some of you that are in to Facebook marketing or are looking into it,

FPTraffic does has a monthly recurring cost of 10 $ but I find that really reasonably priced in terms of value you get in return.

So, if you are interested in getting this tool, then just head over to and oh, yes. That is a affiliate link, and I will get a small commission if you decide to sign up, but that’s not why i’m doing this this post, I wouldn’t review this and recommend this if i honestly didn’t think that this was a kick ass tool that everyone that uses will get a lot of good use out.

Anyway, check it out, this thing is bad ass and it makes Facebook marketing so much easier.

Don’t forget to subscribe to get more no BS no Hype training about how money really is made online.

Until next time, peace !!






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