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Global intergold review


Global Intergold Review : [MUST-READ] Global Igold walk through compensation plan

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Global intergold review

Welcome to my Global Intergold Review!

Global intergold review

In 2010 a New Earning Opportunity was launched (with a bang!): Global Intergold

Nowadays, the online marketers are well aware that the first step to take when they come across a  New Money Making Opportunity is to perform a research and analyze about who the owners are behind it and more importantly how stable the business plan is.

That’s what you are doing right now, so congratulation for doing your due diligence!

Is Global Intergold a scam or a legit website?” (full analysis below!)

I have been doing online marketing for a few years now, so I know it can be a real struggle to find unbiased information as Google is used to confuse our mind by mixing the “everything-is-a-scam” bloggers (that have zero knowledge about the system but are willing to drive free traffic by doing a “smart” leverage on those keywords) with the “everything-is-awesome-here-is-my-referral-link” gurus.

This blog post aims to help you going through the learning process,
so you could take a better and more informed decision.

Global intergold review



(i) Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase.

(ii) Please understand that I have a stunning experience with Global Intergold, and I recommend it because they are helpful and awesome, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something.

Global Intergold Scam or legit?

Global intergold review

Global Intergold Inc. Is a EU legitimate Swiss company operating since the 7th of august 2010.

They are active in the highly lucrative fields of selling real physical bars of 9.999 pure 24 karat gold in their Online Gold Shop

The Online Gold Shop was founded by Jens Krebs.

To learn more about their management team, register now and then surf to the “company” tab on the left navigation (@

Jens Krebs appears to be active with online marketing since decades; and doesn’t seem to be personally linked with previous failures. Through in-depth researches, I was only able to see his name quoted, as affiliate members, next to MLM websites such as Emgoldex.

This being said, if you are like me, you remain ALWAYS suspicious (and that’s great!).

Because let’s face it, throughout the years I have seen more than one “scam” using some photoshopped “company office” mockup to act like if they were BIG

Global Intergold Office : The Company, Address and WHOIS details:

The great part here, is that you can actually come at their office to visit and meet the team anytime. (just contact them to fix an appointment, General Guisan-Quai 30 Zurich Switzerland).

You can meet the Global Intergold CEO, staff and the office. Several “leaders” already did it.

Global Intergold Review: excited by the vision? Explore the program by yourself (100% free):
click here to register your account.

The key points quoted through this Global Intergold Video:


In this video, Vitaly Borovick, one of the grand Leaders of Global Intergold is giving a quick presentation about the company in order to learn more about their background and vision.

Vitaly explains that their ultimate goal is to be the Best Money Making Opportunity on the internet as well as to revitalize the legitimate historic values of the planet and make them accessible to the people in order to improve their living standards.

Also they seek to provide people the products, tools and opportunities to enable them to build a foundation for their welfare. They have set high standards which require the management team to care about the long term scenario at first while brainstorming for new ideas.

Global intergold review

The company being established since 8 years and they have already a large customers database. They also got a long term roadmap and focus on leveraging multiple revenue streams and grow outside sales along with their audience.

Global Intergold offers its customers the opportunity to buy physical gold bars of the highest 999.9 quality from the world’s renowned manufactures with weights from 1 to 100 grams and create a personal gold reserve at minimal cost in exchange for the promotion of the online gold shop products and services with the goldset marketing compensation plan, customers can enter the gold market with a reliable business tool: The Goldset Incentives Marketing Plan.

the company strives to make these opportunities available so that more people can become: Successful, wealthy and free, pursue their potential and attain meaningful success as well as a high healthy standard of living on the planet by providing :

  • A time-tested product that allows to earn long-term income.
  • A revolutionary bonus program to earn money quickly and easily.
  • Stable income in an international and reliable currency.
  • Free business training to learn and increase your income.
  • Stability and sustainability even during financial crisis.

Global Intergold is growing really fast and already accounting over 2.000.000 Members worldwide.

Jens invites you to register for free and check by yourself how the site works.

Are you willing to see more? Take the Global Intergold Zurich Office Video Tour – click here!
The Global Intergold representative office provides a workspace, meeting rooms and professional services for customers in compliance with international standards and industry norms, thus ensuring the safety of customers worldwide.

As quoted on their website or through the WHOIS LOOKUP details,

Global intergold review

Global Intergold domain is registered at Nobby beach, Queensland. That location is well-known for their Domestic Corporate Taxation: “statutorily exempts all non-resident (i.e. offshore) companies from taxes. Any company formed through one of International Registries, Inc.’s worldwide offices is a non-resident Queensland company. Thus, all foreign-owned companies and partnerships are exempt if they do not do business in the Queensland.”




Global Intergold review: Why Invest with Global Intergold? 

what is global intergoldHonesty, transparency, and reliability are the foundation of reputation and trust.

In my experience, this is exactly what Global InterGold’s business is all about.

We all know that the feeling of not being able to trust the people around you is very uncomfortable. We instinctively need to feel that we can rely on our family, friends, colleagues, employers, etc.

So, what does the trust of Global InterGold’s customers lean on?

A high-quality and profitable product

The Global InterGold Online Gold Shop exclusively offers LBMA-certified investment gold bars of the highest purity (999.9) which is produced by the world’s best manufacturers. Apart from that, gold is a very profitable product since its prices grow nonstop. One simple example: over the last 10 years, gold prices have increased by 400%, benefiting millions of gold owners!


A promising opportunity with a promising future

Global InterGold’s transparent business model has enabled millions of people to increase their income with gold. How? By simply purchasing gold at very convenient prices and spreading the word about the opportunity. Moreover, the company is expanding to new regions and it is already present in 5 continents.

Compliance with obligations and commitments

Also, Global InterGold always gives what they promise. For example, contest winners always get their valuable prizes like luxurious vacations and exclusive gadgets; leaders also receive awards for their achievements in the business.



Constant help and support

The company also makes every effort to facilitate the development of its customers businesses. They provide from educational videos to official presentations, a wide variety of promotional materials, and online platforms for both conducting events and posting comments and reviews about the business. And it goes beyond… You can find the company’s management and Director of Development personally at your disposal at any GIG’s event!

By starting your own business with Global InterGold, you are building your financial independence and a safer future!

As stated above, in 2016 the Online Gold Shop launched the production of their own Global Intergold-branded investment-grade gold bars. Having made this breakthrough, the company set its sights on a broader international development, This also proves how serious the company really is. (watch the official video below)

Bottom Line: Gold is is more than money.

I believe that gold is the most reliable and profitable asset of the 21st century. Gold does not lose its value, maintaining a stable position in the global economy. The demand for gold is growing every day. Gold protects a personal capital from inflation, political instability and other financial risks.

Gold has been a mysterious metal in many cultures dating all the way back to Ancient Egypt. It has been appreciated ever since its was discovered. Gold is being used for many applications ranging from jewelry to industrial sectors, medical purposes, to even being used in the food industry. This rare and unique metal became a means of exchange and made itself a name in the global economy as the real money.

Also, gold is a highly liquid, non renewable product, meaning that it can always be quickly and easily exchanged for money worldwide, which additionally helps to preserve and increase capital. Since its amount on the earth is limited and the demand for this precious metal is continuously growing the price tends to rise in the long term.

Such conditions allow customers to create their own sustainable business.

I highly recommend people from all walks of life to take a moment to think about their lives and the lives of their children. When do you want to reach your goals? Now, or in ten or twenty years?

I encourage you to take action. Consider the opportunity this company provides. Check out what the business is all about, how you can earn money, and what you can achieve together with me.

(P.S. If you decide to team up with me in this amazing company, I  recommend you to contact me for further tips and strategies, GIG is a networking marketing company that works best with TEAM effort.)

“I’ll be available for you all the way.”

Global Intergold Tutorial: Make money with the Goldset Incentives programs?

Global intergold review


Gold is one of the best protections against economic fluctuations and the one of the most reliable investment.

Many people want to profit from investment gold, but there’s one problem – the lack of money to buy it. That’s why  Global Intergold has developed the GoldSet bonus program, which includes elements of network marketing, allowing each person to create their own gold reserves without spending lots of money.

Instead of spending budget on advertising the product, the company distributes the profit among the participants of the GoldSet incentives programs.

GoldSet is an effective tool that enables the company’s clients to buy investment gold bars, paying only a small fraction of its value, and offset the rest with earned bonuses credited to their accounts.

To participate in the Goldset bonus program, takes four simple steps:

The key points quoted through this Global Intergold Video:

  1. Place a gold order in the online gold shop through the recommendation of a client.
  2. Make a prepayment from 5% to 15% of the value of the order according to the issued invoice.
  3. Recommend the online gold shop and its product to new clients. You need 2 clients to get qualify yourself and to receive your bonus points.
  4. Use your bonus points to offset the remaining sum of the order and receive your gold bars.

(Click the links below to get a better and more in dept presentation about the earning potential of the two main Goldset Incentives Programs.)

“Goldset Standard incentives program.”

“Goldset Global Pro incentives program.”

Global Intergold rewards its customers to promote their services with 999.9 pure 24 karat gold. You can either choose to store your gold in their certified, well protected gold vault in Zurich, or request delivery and the company will send by post the gold to the customers home address. You can even order a Global Intergold Branded  Swiss MasterCard and sell the Gold back to the online gold shop on which in turn they will pay you the amount of money according to daily price of gold at the London Gold Fixing (GNF) to your personal MasterCard.

Global Intergold has different Goldset incentives programs with different payout plans, you can purchase a position in one of the Goldset bonus programs for the price ranging between €240 and €1.050 according to how much you can afford to invest. These packages include a prepayment for a gold order according to the issued invoice + €40 for the administration of your marketing website and back office, in which after you’ve made the payment you will now hold a position in the “Goldset Incentives Marketing Plan

Can you earn money with Global Intergold? Yes, but there is no guarantee tied to those bonuses as it fully depends on your work ethic to promote their services to generate a profit. (see “products and services” below.) 

To make it simple, if you hold a revenue sharing position (called “Goldset table order”) and follow the sponsor requirement — which is to recruit a minimum of  2 Persons per Goldset table order to get qualified, you will be able to earn up to €7.000 revenue per Goldset table order.

Depending on the Goldset table order you choose you could earn anywhere from €1.000 to €7.000 maximum per table order.

P.S. The membership will also grant you access to services such as promotion materials, allowing you to recruit new members with stunning tools for your promotion needs.

Global Intergold referrals: is it worth to promote the company’s services?

Global intergold review

You will also earn leader points for every referral you sponsor in the company.

Does it worth to be shared with your friends or promoted? It looks so!

Depending on your leadership level you will receive additional commissions per referral that qualifies their Goldset position. on lvl one (0-99 points) your referral commission of €52.50 will be paid per person that finishes the Goldset table order. on lvl ten (50.000 points.) your referral commission goes up to €206.50 per person.

This massive earning potential in the Global Intergold leadership program gives you yet another income stream while learning true leadership qualities in a fun and exciting way. 

Global Intergold advertising: where to find exclusive promotion tools?

Global intergold review

If you decide to become a Global Intergold sponsor, you will find a bunch of tools to help you with your promotion efforts at the Global Intergold backoffice. They have several GIG Branded items including promotion website’s, GIG catalogues, posters flyers & stickers, personal business cards, etc. ( In multiple languages) ready to be downloaded.

To access the promotion tools go to and click on “Goldset standard” >> “For advertising” on the left side menu.

Here are some extra features which sound cool on the revenue share:

  • ID verification (cheater protection)
  • Extra value to the service through “filtering” (gender, age, location and more)
  • Android and iOS application
  • Vouchers to attract outside companies, Point system and more
  • Exclusive promotion materials, landing pages, video production, and more services

I can see that some efforts are being done to deliver quality services and generate outside sales.

And I guess that’s why thousands of members are registering daily !

Global Intergold leader awards: how to earn extra bonuses?

Global intergold review

If you are serious about recruiting people than this is for YOU !!

Global Intergold  motivates its leaders who successfully recommended the company’s products and services by rewarding them with exclusive gadgets, gifts and luxurious vacations.

To claim these awards you need to meet the qualifications on different levels for each gift, For Example;

global intergold review

on lvl one: You receive your very own gold-plated, set with Swarovski crystals Global Intergold leaders watch by completing two cycles of the Goldset table of orders and two of your direct referrals must have received their first rewards, the two direct referrals of each of them also must have received their first rewards.

It’s the perfect start for greater achievements! (Click the Image to watch the official video.)

Global intergold review

On lvl ten: You receive a 24 karat one ounce branded gold bar plus 2.5 grams 18 karat Global InterGold branded cufflinks for men and 2.5 grams 18 karats Global InterGold branded pendant for woman. This award is given to leaders who have 10 direct referrals and have completed one cycle of the Standard table of orders / two cycles of the Goldline table of orders / two cycles of the GoldSet Global Pro table of orders. your business.
(Click the image to watch the official video.)

Global intergold review

On lvl twelve: You receive 24 karat 50 gram branded gold bar plus a Global Intergold Branded golden leaders pen. This reward is granted to leaders who have 12 direct referrals and have completed one cycle of the Standard table of orders / two cycles of the Goldline table of orders / two cycles of the GoldSet Pro table of orders. 
(Click the image to watch the official video.)


Global intergold reviewon lvl fifteen: you can claim a 24 karat 100 gram branded gold bar plus a 18 golden karat Rolex watch with a carved inscription to signify the company’s highest honor for exceptional achievement. The pinnacle of the Leadership Career, these are awarded to those whose contribution to the gold business displays their remarkable leadership talent. This award is granted to leaders who have 15 direct referrals and have completed one cycle of the Standard table of orders / two cycles of the Goldline table of orders / two cycles of the GoldSet Global Pro table of orders.
(Click the image to watch the official video.)

If all of this was not enough to motivate you, to start working  towards the prizes and the high results. Then the following two competitions, will do just that! Each  year, the most diligent and determined clients of Global Intergold, who win the competition;

  1. Travel together with the President on board a comfortable cruise liner.
  2. Best recruiting client of Global Intergold  wins the 1kg gold contest of the value of approximately €35.000 according to the daily price of gold at the London Gold Fixing (GNF.)(Click here to watch the official video.)

Start today and add these Global Intergold leader awards to your collection.

P.S. it’s important that you give up your correct address info in order for the leader awards to arrive in the right place.

Global Intergold Strategy: How to earn money today?

Global intergold reviewA. Unlock your first position in the “Goldset standard” table order compensation plan (or more):
As stated above, Global Intergold has different Goldset Incentives table orders, each with different payout plans,  personally I suggest you by starting to unlock your position(s) in the “Goldset Global Pro” or the “Goldset Standard” Incentives plan since these table orders are the most dynamic and give you the highest, fastest ROI “Return on investment” and you’ll get access to the numerous services Global Intergold has to offer. You will also also earn in the case your referrals place an order and/or through spill-over from above (aka team effort).
To watch a better and more informed review about the “Goldset Global Pro” Incentives Program – Click Here!
To watch a better and more informed review about the “Goldset Standard” Incentives Program – Click Here!
If you have no ambitions in growing and promoting the company’s products and services; you should probably avoid it . Once your team starts to develop and the sales come in, you may want to consider to unlock the other “Goldset” table orders as well (personally, I took all positions paying a total of €2.690 to unlock all five tiers).

Note: Once your clients finish their Goldstet table orders, they automatically follow you on to the next Goldset table order. Thus, with time and work ethic from your behalf, your Goldset table orders will be filled on autopilot!
Plus, if you join with me, you got the luck to be in a highly active team – which is good for spill-overs! 😉

 B. Start promoting the products and services.

You are probably a member in some other websites which have affiliate system? Bingo! You just got another social media to leverage! 🙂 The best part is it’s filled with entrepreneurs eager to discover your ways to market and to earn online. Boom!

If you are not a affiliate in other online money making opportunities then don’t panic. 😉 You can start by promoting the services and products offline, One on one marketing works very well for me. Just pick up your phone and start by calling some friends and family. Don’t you think this will be a interesting offer for others? Off course it will! After all, millions of people worldwide are looking for advanced opportunities to generate income online. If you share this great opportunity with others you’ll get the chance to generate income and gain financial stability. From now on you can become part of this fascinating market and start making money today! you simply have to present the global intergold products and services and the people will be certainly be enthusiastic about this chance.

I’m looking forward to work with you, see you on the inside! 🙂

Click here to register your account.

Warning! Entering Global Intergold may leave one with financial freedom / time & location independence. enter at own risk!

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Online Gold Shop, Revenue Share, Marketing Plan
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Global Intergold,
Global Intergold Inc. is a EU Regulated Swiss company launched in 2010. The Online Gold Shop Was Founded By Jens Crebs.

Post Author: Olivier

12 Replies to “Global Intergold review : [MUST-READ] Global Igold walk through compensation plan

  1. Hi, I like the review of this product. Gold is definitely something worth investing into as money seems to be losing more and more of its value while Gold will retain it’s value forever.

    Loved the inclusion of the scene from Wolf on Wallstreet, that’s a very great movie!

    1. Hello Hacob, I’m glad you liked my review. Yea, Gold is definitely a good invesment, the good thing here is that you actually can use the compensation plan to earn larg amounts of gold with a minimum start up outlay on your behalf. Ps. There are no guarantees, only with work etic you can achieve such results. Although succes in global intergold IS verry achievable!

      See you on the Inside. Olivier 😉

  2. Hi, I like really like your review and the product. I just have one question.. is there a money back guarantee option in global intergold so I could get my investment money back on a second opinion ? 🙂 greetings Tom.

    1. Hello Tom

      that’s actually a verry good question 😉

      Starting a business with Global Intergold requires a small initial startup capital.
      The revolutionary bonus program allows you to earn a larger amount than the initial expenses fast and easily.

      The company also provides a money-back guarantee: so clients can get their money back within 14 days!

      Aslo if you can’t complete the sponsor recuirement of recruiting 2 referrals on your table order for any reason than you can withdrawl your investment money after the table order is closed deu to team effort.

      No matter the situation, you will always be able to get your intitial investment inlay back on request. 😉

      Have a great day and See you soon,

    1. Hello Jens, Glad You liked my review. Are you considering to start up in the company ? 🙂 If you have any questions at all about Global Intergold then feel free to contact me for personal advice or coaching.. i’ll be available every step of the way.

      Cheers !! To your succes

  3. Hello,
    I knew that gold was always a safe bet for investments, but I didn’t realize that there were ways of leveraging it. I am glad you reviewed Global Intergold. Your post has shed light on another earning potential. Thank you.

    1. Hello Jeff,

      Yess you are totally right ! 🙂 Adding a compensation plan to gold was a great idea and it’s a real game changer 🙂

      I’m thrilled to see how things will evolve over time;
      but I feel like it will be worth the journey!

      I’m wishing you happy earning and lot of success.

      All the best.


  4. I have signed up with you olivier on this business . And thanks to promote this amazing business really!
    Can’t wait to get started!

    Regards, Wolf!

    1. Hello Wolf,

      Thank you for signing up in my team.. 🙂 Feel free to contact me whenever it’s required!

      I’m sure you will do well in global interold.

      Have a great day !!


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