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Aloise Biebuyckstraat, Belgium
Aloise Biebuyckstraat, Belgium

How To Find Profitable Niche Markets & Keywords?

By reading part one, you already know the basics of affiliate marketing. Now it‚Äôs time for you to choose a niche. ūüôā

A niche is just a specific market or product that you want to promote, and the easiest way to make money online is to choose a niche that is both extremely profitable, and has as little competition as possible. If you choose a niche with very little competition you will find yourself having a much easier time getting your sites to rank.

On the following guide I’ll show you exactly how to choose a kick ass profitable niche with low competition.

What is the best way to find a low competition, kick ass niche, that’s both extremely profitable, but also extremely easy to rank for in the search engines?¬†

Is one of the questions I constantly get from both people who are totally new to, and people that are more experienced in affiliate marketing.

Well, choosing the right niche before you start out is so absolutely important. It can literally make the difference between making a ton of money and making no money at all, basically what you need to do is find a niche that matches three different criteria.

Criteria one:  Find a niche that people are searching for.

You want your niche to be searched for in the search engines, because if nobody actually is typing your niche in google, then no matter how good you are at getting your site’s to rank you still won’t get any traffic because nobody is even searching for your niche.

Check if people are searching for your niche by using a “keyword tool”

To you make sure people are in fact searching for your niche in the search engines you want to use what is called a keyword tool. now, if you’re unfamiliar with keyword tools, they are very simple. they are just online tools that allow you to type in a word or phrase and see roughly how many times that word or phrase gets searched for in the search engines each month,

So, If you want to see how many people are searching for fishing gear in google every month you need to use a keyword tool to find out.

Now, there are tons of keyword tools out there but the one that i recommend and that I use myself is called the “Google keyword planner.” it’s completely free to use. So to access the tool first, head over to then create a free account if you don’t already have one. then when you’re logged in, head over to the tools analysis section, and then click on the keyword planner link.

Then once you’re in the keyword planner you can just type in whatever your niche idea is and hit the get idea’s button and it will tell you roughly how many time that word or phrase gets searched for in Google each month, plus it will also show you a bunch of other related term and how much they get searched for, too.

Before building your website it’s important that you check the keyword planner to see if you’re keywords actually do get searched for, also look for the related keywords to see what other related keywords people were searching for and it’s no coincidence that I have a page for each of those keywords on my site.

How Many Searches Should Your Niche Get Each Month? 

There’s really no exact number go for but I that people know exact numbers so they can follow this to the letter and I get that, so look for a niche that get no less than 1,000 searches per month and no more than 50,000 searches per month

Is this is your first site I recommend that you stay below 15,000 searches a month because genuinely the less searches a niche get, the less competition there will be in google and the easier it will be for you to rank for that term.

Criteria Two: Find A Niche With Little Competition.

One of the mistakes I see a lot of newbies making is picking ridiculously competitive niches, and hell, I even made this mistake when I started out too and trust me, I know the deal I see all of these ads all over the web for poker, or forex, or weight loss and you would think, oh shit, that must be where the money is, but trust me, it is way way way easier to pick low competition niches and make money from the “low hanging fruit.

Choose Random And Obscure Niches. 

By this I mean choosing random and obscure niches, that most people would never think of and that have hardly any competition in the search engines so that you have a really easy time ranking for those niches.

Basically, you want to think really outside the box when coming up with a niche, don’t just come up with what everyone else is doing.

Find a Niche That Nobody is Talking About.

For example when I first got started, I also made the rookie mistake of going after a super competitive niche because I thought, “that’s where the money is at.”

So, I set up a site targeting “poker tips” because well, that had never been done before… lol. I then spend hours and hours upon hours, grinding away, ¬†busting my ass, writing these boring ass poker articles and then just waited for the money to roll in, and spoiler… It never did.¬†

The niche was just too competitive. Google “poker tips” and you’ll see 27 million results and page after page after page of high authority well established sites that have been around for ever targeting this niche and it’s just completely saturated.

It wasn’t until I was aiming at niches with far less competition that I really started to get somewhere, in fact one of my big breaks was when I started to promote things like “Sunglasses” and “watches” and ”flip cases” and all kinds of stuff that people would love. At that time there was hardly anyone promoting that stuff and I had a really easy time ranking for those keywords, it was then when I started to make a ton of money.

Please don’t take this to mean that you now go out and build a related site, because since I outed those niches and had been talking about that… I first started talking about it years ago. everybody got out and has done it, so it’s getting saturated.

Go out and pick a niche that nobody is talking about. don’t be a sheep and listen to my advice.

Don’t just choose something that i’m talking about, or that other affiliate marketers and people on forums are talking about, but choose a niche that nobody is talking about.

How to Find out How Competitive a Niche is?

Just google it and look at the results that turn up, if you see page after page after page after page of high authority sites that obviously know what they are doing, have a big following, are really established and are targeting your exact niche idea, then it’s probably ot the best niche to go after

but if you see random things like random Facebook pages and instagram accounts, and Pinterest accounts, and random pages from other sites that happen to be ranking for term is a very good sign

If there’s only one or two million (or less) results for your niche then that’ good.¬†

Also take a look at the number or results that turn up, if there’s only one or two million (or less) results for your niche then that’s a very good sign, it might sound like a lot but it’s really isn’t in the land of the internet.

if there’s hundreds of millions of results for your nice then that’s bad.

If your niche ¬†has hundreds of millions of results out, then that’s a really bad sign.

for example if I look in google and “type in example with picture” to see what the competition is like which I would have done before setting up a site, you will see that there is no much of results, with just over a million of results turning up when in google ” example”

More importantly, there is a serious lack of site’s about mentalism that turn up in the first few pages of google. On page one there’s a couple of wikipedia articles about mentalism, there’s a wikihow article about mentalism and there’s even some random facebook page turning up on page one.

the point is that not one of these site’s is a single, whole site dedicated to the topic of mentalism, which is why I had such a easy time ranking for it.

these are the kind of niches that you want to go for.

Now getting a sense of exactly finding out how competitive a niche is, is something that you really get better at it the more you do it.

It’s almost more an art than a science.

You just got to practise, looking at niches and comparing them to one and another and you will soon develop a sense of how competitive a niche is just from looking at the results that come up in google.

Another thing I should mention is even if there are a few quality results in the search engines it doesn’t mean that you should just cross that niche off the board completely. You can still rank for and make money from niches that have a few competitors. infact its pretty unlikely that you will ever find a niche with zero competitors.

The point is, you just want to look for niches with little competition. the internet and the world is big enough for lots of people to make money of the same niche so don’t freak out if there’s a couple of authority sites out there. Do freak out if there are thousands.

Criteria three: Find a niche that actually buys stuff. 

What you finally want to look for is in choosing your niche is a niche that people actually buy stuff.. So, don’t set up a site about funny cats videos or free wallpapers because hardly anyone is gonna buy anything and it’s going to be super hard for your to actually make some decent money.¬†Instead, choose something that’s based around a specific product or niche that people actually buy stuff online.

Rocket science, right! ūüėČ

So, for example, after I had learned the hard way that my poker site never was going to get anywhere, I decided going the road of choosing something ¬†with a lot less competition. So I settled at “how to make a catapult?” I targeted a whole bunch of how to make a bong keywords, like how to make a wooden catapult, how to make a iron catapult, all that kind of stuff..

Since this niche did meet the first two criteria which was that it had tons of people searching for it and it had little competition in google so I had a really easy time getting it to rank in google and I started getting several hundreds visitors a day on autopilot. The only problem was that there was no real product that i could actually promote to them that they would want to buy.

I tried to put up ads for “Catapult stores” and even though I would sell a catapult here and there, most people were very interested in those ads because they are searching for how to make a catapult. Which means they want one for free, you don’t search for that if you have the money to buy a catapult.

Most of the people finding my site probably just broke ass college students wanting a cheap homemade catapult. so even though my site was at the top of the search engines and even though my site was getting several hundred visitors a day on autopilot, my site was barely baking 20 $ per month.

But I learned my lesson the hard way and then I went about setting up sites that not only get searched for in google, that not only get low competition, but that people would actually buy stuff. I set up sites targeting “sunglasses ¬†for sale,” “watches for sale” and I was quickly blown away at how much more money i was making from the same amount of traffic or less.

How to find profitable niche targets and keywords: recap. 

When you are choosing a niche, also make sure to think about how you are going to make money from it, and don’t just make it an afterthought,to sum up you want to find a niche that meets these three criteria

criteria one: Find a niche that gets a decent amount of searches in google each month.

criteria two: Find a niche that has little competition.

criteria three: Find a niche that people actually buy stuff and that there are affiliate products for that niche that you can promote.

Before I call it the day, there is just one thing I want to explain because it seems that a lot of people are really getting stuck with this whole ¬†choosing a niche thing, and the thing is “there is no ultimate perfect niche” so yes you should find a niche that matches all three criteria that I have just given you so that you have the highest chance of success but at the end of the day you never truly know how well a niche is going to do until you just try it.

I have tried niches that I thought were going to kill it that didn’t do as well as i thought would do and on the other hand I have chosen niches that I was a bit skeptic about that absolutely dominated and made me a shit load of money, so don’t be afraid to get a bit crazy and try some out there niches that nobody is talking about because in my experience the safe niches aren’t all that safe, people seem to be scared about niches that they don’t see other people promoting. or they are waiting to read guides like this one, or others¬†and then copy their niche which is the total wrong way to do it.

Pick your own obscure niche that nobody knows about, makes money from it, and keep your lips sealed.

Don’t get hung up on exact numbers either, yes you want to try ¬† find a niche that gets searched a good number of times and yes you want to find a niche that gets a low amount of competitors, but don’t get hung up on exact numbers and should I go with the niche with one million or two million or 45 competitors or 20… just don’t.

For example you might find a niche that gets less than the thousand searches a month minimum that I recommended to you before, but maybe that niche has so little competition and the products are worth 500 $ that it’s worth setting up anyway.

there are no hard and fast rules, what I have given you are general guidelines to go by, but don’t let yourself get hung up on any of these rules because spending endless time searching for the ultimate niche would ¬†just leave you getting nowhere.

Do your research as best as you can, pick something and run with it. worst case scenario is that you do make the fortunate mistake picking a niche that just sucks.

So what, you will learn so much from that your next site would be so much better I guarantee it.

Once you’ve got your niche, you want to set up your site and dominate the search engines, and that’s exactly what I will show you in part three of my Crash Course Training.

Don’t forget to subscribe for more no BS no Hype training on how money really is made online.

Peace out, take it easy.

I see you in part three.

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